1. Amanda Nicola

    10 Jul 2022
    “My Experience with Tron was one for the books! The energy was great! The information was of great value and getting one on one help really made a difference. His class not only provides information that you need but it also provides fellowship which is a plus! Tron, Thank you…

  2. Abdul Coaxum

    27 Jun 2022
    “I had the privilege of attending the lighting workshop and found the experience to be extremely rewarding. The experience was professional and worth the value. It was a great opportunity to sharpen my lighting techniques in the company of other passionate photographers. Mr. Moses was very organized and responsive, offering…

  3. Alkishia Bryant

    01 May 2022
    “The pictures came out beautiful. Very vibrant and great angles. Tron is very very talented”

  4. Brittany Houston

    18 Apr 2022
    “First of all I want to Thank God for Tron & Kimberly Moses. When I saw my pictures all I could do was smile. They are so beautiful. I was nervous because I haven’t taken professional photos since senior prom in 2005. A lot has changed in my life since…

  5. Yolanda Graham

    18 Apr 2022
    “The Photos are Gorgeous! This is the best photoshoot I have experienced in this 1 1/2 years modeling journey.”

  6. Treasa Brown

    24 Oct 2021
    “I’ve had a photo shoot before my recent photos that were taken, with Tron Moses Media. It was at the “Empowering the New Me Conference”, with Prophetess Kimberly Moses. The shoot was for the book, “I Almost Died”, which me and 7 other Co-authors partnered with Prophetess K on. I…

  7. Darlene Grant

    21 Jul 2021
    “I had a tremendous opportunity to be apart of  Tron Moses Four Hour Shootout recently. I have never understood High Speed Sync (HSS) and what it meant to turn down the sky until I  attended this class. It was very informative and educational .I am more confident in my skill…

  8. Henry Battle

    21 Jul 2021
    “Coming to Tron’s class I didn’t have much experience with photography and even less dealing with flash. Tron walked us through how to shoot with flash and now I absolutely love it. It was a pleasure to work with Tron and his wife, they made learning photography very easy but…

  9. Jessica Carr

    27 Mar 2021
    “I was looking for a photographer for my anniversary and I was having the hardest time finding one in the area that we were going to stay in SC. I searched a little further out and eventually found Tron. I’m so glad that I did. He’s such a wonderful photographer…

  10. Jessica Hoover

    13 Feb 2021
    Tron Moses Media does an amazing job and he is very talented! Thank you so much for capturing me perfectly! I look forward to future photography sessions with you. I highly recommend!

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