Bronze Package



Time: 40 minutes

Extra time will be $50.00

7 Retouched Images: Each additional image will be $5.00

Deposit: 50% Non-refundable (remaining balance to be paid the day of the shoot).

All images are uploaded into the gallery. You will receive a password to download your high quality photos. Traveling fees incur for any location more than 35 minutes away.

Please allow 7 days for your photos to be edited.

$25 for rush delivery.

Cancellations and reschedules are no charge provided

they are done in 24 hours in advance of the scheduled shoot date/time. 

Within a 24hr window, a cancellation/reschedule is $25

 I'm asking that clients not have anyone present at our shoot, doing separate photoshoots of you with their cellphones... revealing locations, setups, poses and uploading pics before I can give YOU the client, what YOU paid for. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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